And I call forward an equally memorable time kayaking on the Charles River when I want to relive a great experience.

Until I kayaked again on Westlake Lake after a 10-year hiatus, I really had forgotten how physical interaction with nature can nourish my psyche so significantly.

In the next few days I will turn 60. Since my husband is out of town on my actual birthday, I’ve planned a day to be by myself, with the intent of thinking about what I want in the next 30 or 40 years of my life.

I learned long ago that getting what you want happens only when you set goals for yourself. I cannot think of a better exercise to celebrate my birth than to contemplate what it is that will bring me contentment in the coming years.

I’m certain that karma or serendipity delivered my recent kayaking experience to me, so that I could recognize one thing I do want in my future: frequent interactions with nature.

I hope my day of introspection will bring me a few more nuggets like that one.

As for now, if you see me in my kayak on Westlake Lake, know that I am in my happy place.

Have you discovered what brings you happiness?

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