CarolAppointmentYou may note that much of this newsletter is dedicated to honoring those who give! It also provides information for those who may want to give in the future. Senior Concerns is dedicated to continuing its mission of serving seniors without regard for the ability to pay. Over our 33 years this has been made possible through the generosity of our community whether running in the Love Run, dining at the Ultimate Dining Event or sitting down in the quiet of your home and writing a personal check as part of our annual appeal. There are many more ways to give and hopefully the information in this newsletter will spark an idea for you. 
If only you could sit in my chair each day you would see the value you get for each dollar given. Folks from 60 to 102 singing, dancing, listening to stories or even better telling us stories from their wonderful years. Grateful families who know they can go to work or home to catch a few minutes of rest with peace of mind. Phone calls from Meals on Wheels recipients saying thanks, “because of your meals I have eaten better and haven’t been in the hospital for a year”. I assure we will be good stewards of the dollars you entrust to our care. And, I say THANK YOU.
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