Recognizing the desire to honor and support family caregivers in our community, Senior Concerns, in concert with our title sponsor Adventist Health Simi Valley, presents a Virtual Caregiver Recognition Day on Thursday, March 10 from 1-3:00 p.m. on Zoom. This annual event is designed to give family caregivers the chance to renew their spirit, reduce their stress, and enjoy an uplifting and empowering program. There is no charge to attend, however reservations are required. To reserve your spot, please visit

Today, as older adults  are living longer with more complex health conditions, family caregiving is increasing in numbers and challenges. Nationally, about 66 million people report being a caregiver for someone over age 50. Family caregivers provide 80% of the long-term care services in the United States today, valued at $577 billion or more than the total cost of Medicare and Medicaid combined. Those caring for loved ones are often thrust into unexpected roles that can be demanding, costly and stressful. The pandemic compounded that stress for many family caregivers who were suddenly expected to provide care for elderly loved ones without any outside supports, while also possibly juggling working from home and home schooling.

The event encourages family caregivers to practice self-care by offering suggestions, supports and insights by experts. This year’s event will be focused on Reflection and Renewal. Segments will include a presentation on advocating for your loved one (and feeling good about it), the value of connectedness, and having faith and trusting yourself to do the right thing. There will also be breakout groups to enable participants to connect and share with other family caregivers, and a special video presentation.

“Family caregivers play a vital role in caring for our large and growing senior population and are instrumental in keeping elders out of institutions and remain in the community. Yet, caregiving often takes a tremendous physical and emotional toll, leading to health issues, such as depression, and financial concerns,” says Andrea Gallagher, CSA, President of Senior Concerns. “We hope Caregiver Recognition Day will help family caregivers recognize they are not alone and an entire community stands ready to help with the support and resources they need.”

For more information about the Virtual Caregiver Recognition Day or to reserve your spot at the event, please visit or contact us at 805-497-0189.

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