Letters to the Editor, VC Star

If Senior Concerns didn’t exist, it would be a tragedy for countless families who would be deprived of having the loving experiences I had with my mom in the last years of her life.

My mom suffered from Alzheimer’s, and at first, she was uncomfortable going to Senior Concerns and meeting new people. From the first day, Senior Concerns took away her anxiety, making my mom feel welcome and needed.

Senior Concerns treated mom with love, respect and dignity always. Senior Concerns’ programs and care were directly responsible for mom’s happiness as her disease progressed.

Because of Senior Concerns:

My mom had a much better quality of life.

Mom had a safe, loving environment to share her memories and life.

Mom felt her life had meaning.

Mom was able to socialize with others.

Mom never felt isolated and alone.

Mom learned to dance at 81 years young.

Mom laughed and experienced joy.

I was able to spend quality time loving my mom as her daughter.

Mom told me she loved me and was grateful I was with her every day!

I was able to advocate for my mom physically, mentally, emotionally and financially with the outside world.

I was able to find and get the best treatment for my mom.

My mom lived with dignity.

I have no regrets or thoughts that I could have done more to care for Mom.

I never once worried about Mom when she was in Senior Concerns’ care.

I write this with gratitude in memory of my mom, Pat Hickerson.

If any readers can find it in their heart, please support Senior Concerns so the essential programs and resources provided to my mom and family will continue to be available for your loved ones when they need it most.

Sandy Jolley,

Thousand Oaks


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