The flu shot is an important tool in staying healthy

Q: Do I still need to get a flu shot this year? A: Yes, the flu shot is still an important protection against the flu and is especially important this year. The flu season generally lasts from October through May. Experts suggest the best time to get the flu vaccination is from early September though [...]

Proactive estate planning helps to make a stressful situation more manageable

Q: I have seen a few friends become widows and it suddenly occurred that it could happen to me! What do I do to prepare myself in case my husband passes away before I do? A: Preparation will always make a stressful situation more manageable. When a loss occurs suddenly and someone is thrust into [...]

Finding help when you can’t afford home care, but you don’t qualify for Medi-Cal

Q: My husband needs more care than I can provide, but we cannot afford the cost of home care agencies. We make too much money for Medi-Cal services, but not enough to pay for private care. What can I do to get help? A: You bring up a very difficult situation that we hear about [...]