Senior Advocate

Martha Shapiro, Director of Programs at Senior Concerns, authors a weekly column for the Ventura County Star titled “Senior Advocate,” focusing on issues affecting seniors and their family caregivers.


The Meaning of the Holidays Looks Different for Many

The holiday season means very different things to different people. I recently commented to a friend that I love the holidays and was surprised by their response. They told me they find it very difficult because growing up it was such a time of stress in their family. The memories of struggling between different expectations [...]

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Progressed Dementia and Holiday Gift Giving

Q: My mom has progressed dementia. What can I buy her for the holidays this year? A: When someone has progressed dementia their memory loss is severe and traditional gifts may no longer be appropriate or useful. However, wanting to do something nice for your mother to recognize holiday traditions and bring her joy is [...]

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