Thanksgiving may look different this year

For most of us, the Thanksgiving holiday will look different this year. You may have to celebrate virtually with family, budget differently due to finances, or modify your usual get togethers to an outdoor and smaller setting. While in any normal year the Thanksgiving holiday can be loaded with mixed feelings, this year may bring [...]

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Medicare 2021

Question:  What do I need to know about Medicare for 2021? Medicare open enrollment period is from October 15th–December 7th. It is important to review your plan and make sure it is still the right choice for you. Plans change a little each year and sometimes this may mean they no longer cover a prescription [...]

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Voting 2020 Questions Answered

More voting questions answered Question:  Is it too late to register to vote? The deadline for registering to vote in California is October 18th. You can register online at However, if you miss this deadline you still have the option to vote in person by registering and casting a Conditional Voter Registration (CVR) ballot [...]

Preparing for flu season

Question:  What do I need to know to prepare for the flu season this year? The flu continues to be a concern for the fall and winter months, and we should all do our best to prepare. Flu vaccines are available now and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends everyone over the [...]

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