How do you deal with opposing views?

I’ve never enjoyed confrontation. I’m happiest when everyone is getting along and working toward a shared goal. And believe me, that happens a lot—although it’s hard to discern that if you scan the media these days. So many topics are polarizing. It’s hard to have a conversation without something coming up that causes angst. I [...]

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Suggestions for keeping holidays special at a distance

Many of us will be missing our loved ones this holiday season. In normal times, with busy schedules and families scattered across the country, holidays may be one of the few times families spend together. We look forward to these special occasions all year long. These visits help to strengthen our family bonds and keep [...]

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Assessments offer clarity in uncertain times

Barbara’s parents, like many seniors in their 80s, are trying to keep from contracting COVID-19 by isolating at home. To keep fed, they signed up for the governor’s Great Plates program, which delivers two restaurant-quality meals per day; other groceries are ordered online by their daughter. In normal times, Barbara, who lives two hours away, [...]

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Influential older voters have much to consider

Why do seniors turn out to vote more than any other age group? Older adults, especially those that are no longer working, are particularly susceptible to changes in policy made by elected officials. A large percentage of their income and access to healthcare resources are tied to government programs. It also helps that seniors have [...]