QUESTION:  I work for a service company and part of my duties includes retrieving telephone messages from our answering machine.  I am amazed at how many messages I can’t retrieve or process due to the way the message is left.  Could you address this problem?

  ANSWER:  I would be glad to address this situation as I am sure many others, including myself, have had the same experience.

  Leaving a telephone message isn’t difficult.  But it must be clear and contain enough information for the called party to be able to respond.

  Some of the items that may cause a problem are calling from a mobile phone, background noise, the caller being soft spoken, having an accent and insufficient call back information.

  Many times the caller is calling from a mobile phone and reception fades causing many parts of the message to be lost.  If you are calling from a mobile phone, and on the move, perhaps you should leave another message when not moving or from a landline phone.

  Many callers don’t realize that background noise interferes with the message being left.  If possible turn down televisions or radios or move away from a noisy situation when making calls.

  Everyone has a different voice.  If you are soft spoken try to speak louder and speak a little slower.  This will help the receiving party hear you more clearly.  If you have an accent slow down a little it makes it much easier for the receiving party to understand your message.

  When you give your telephone number remember the person taking the message is trying to write it down.  Don’t run the telephone number all together.  Give the area code – pause – then the prefix – pause – then the line number.  Make sure the area code has 3 digits, the prefix has 3 digits and the line number has 4 digits.

  Start your message with your name and telephone number.  Then your message followed by your name (perhaps spelling your last name) and telephone number.

  Here is an example of a good message:

  “This is Jane Smith at 805- 444-1245.  I would like more information about the seminar you are giving on Tuesday July 18.  Please do not call between 2:00 and 4:00 pm.  Again my name is Jane Smith S-M-I-T-H at 805- 444-1245.  Thank You.”

  This message provides the name and return number at the beginning and again at the end of the message, the reason for the call and when the caller is not available to accept a return call.  It is short and to the point and eliminates any guessing.



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