By Betty Berry, Tuesday, August 9, 2011  Q: I believe it was last year sometime that you wrote about Senior Concerns’ Bargain Boutique and Thrift Shop. Can you bring me up to date on any changes they may have made and any pending shopping events?

A: I certainly can. Senior Concerns Bargain Boutique and Thrift Shop always has something special to offer to its shoppers.

For those who don’t know, the shop is in the Under One Roof building at 80 E. Hillcrest Drive in Thousand Oaks, across the street from Office Depot. Hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from noon to 4:30 p.m.

The shop is divided into sections. You will find the boutique section that offers high-end apparel, a thrift section that contains only very gently used or new clothing and the teenagers’ section that stocks items of interest to young shoppers and is a good place to look for back-to-school items.

The shop also offers a variety of household items and a section of vintage clothes. There is something for every shopper.

During August, boutique clothing is 50 percent off. In addition, the shop usually has a “deal of the day” that customers look forward to discovering.

The director of the shop told me donations have fallen off and she wants shoppers and would-be shoppers to know that she needs high-end merchandise for the boutique section and gently used items for all other sections.

The director has also expressed the need for volunteers to staff the shop. For more information about volunteering, call 373-0504 and ask for Rosemary or Laura.

All proceeds go toward supporting Senior Concerns programs. These include adult day care, Meals on Wheels, senior advocate services, family support services, support groups for caregivers, brain fitness and community outreach events.

Senior Concerns has been serving families in the Conejo Valley and surrounding areas for more than 35 years. It strives to serve frail and special-needs seniors.

Whether you shop, donate or volunteer, it is a win-win situation. So why not make plans to visit during this coming month and check out the merchandise?

Q: I am researching long-term care along with long-term care insurance and MediCal coverage. In my search, I have encountered the term “activities of daily living.” Can you provide a list of definitions of those activities?

A: The term refers to the basic personal activities each of us must perform on a daily basis.

The list typically includes bathing, dressing, eating, continence, toileting, transferring and, in some cases, ambulating.

Bathing is defined as having the ability to wash oneself on a routine basis in the tub or shower or by sponge bath.

The definition of dressing is having the ability to put on and take off all garments and medically necessary braces or artificial limbs, if worn, and to fasten and unfasten them.

Eating is the ability to get nourishment into the body by any means once it has been prepared and made available.

Continence is defined as the ability to control bowel and bladder functions and to maintain a reasonable level of personal hygiene.

Toileting includes the ability to go to and from the toilet and maintain a reasonable level of personal hygiene.

Transferring is the ability to move in and out of a bed or chair.

Ambulating refers to the ability to move about inside one’s residence.

The need to discuss these activities comes into play when a care plan is being prepared for someone who needs assisted care or long-term care services.

Betty Berry is a senior advocate for Senior Concerns. The advocates are located at the Goebel Senior Adult Center, 1385 E. Janss Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362; phone 495-6250 or email (please include your telephone number). You are invited to submit questions on senior issues.

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