By Betty Berry, Tuesday, July 5, 2011  Q: My daughter has been nagging me about my hearing. She says I’m missing out on a lot in life by not getting a hearing aid. I think my hearing is just fine. How can I prove to her there is no problem?

A: Sorry to take sides in a family disagreement, but your daughter could be right. As we age, we all encounter changes in both our hearing and vision, and it always amazes me that almost everyone will have their eyes tested while very few will go for a hearing test.

To answer your question, I contacted an audiologist, who provided me with some indicators of possible hearing loss. If you find yourself frequently asking people to repeat themselves or turning your ear toward a sound or speaker to hear better, you may be experiencing some hearing loss.

Do you find yourself understanding speakers better when you wear your glasses and/or face speakers directly? This could be your subconscious way of compensating for your inability to hear by doing some lip reading.

Have you had difficulty understanding conversations in a group setting such as a restaurant where several conversations occur simultaneously and/or background noise is present?

When listening to radio or television, how high is the volume? Does your daughter comment on how loud it is?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you might consider making an appointment with a hearing specialist. Don’t allow yourself to miss out on socialization and enjoyment if there is a way to prevent being left out.

Q: I have just moved to California from the East Coast and want to know if such a move makes it necessary to have a new will prepared. If a new will is not needed, in which state would my executor present my existing will for probate?

A: Since relocation is very common nowadays, your question may be on the minds of many others who have changed their state of residency since executing their will.

You do not need to execute a new will because of your move from one state to another. A written will made outside of California is valid in California if it complied with the laws of the state in which it was executed.

You should, however, review your will periodically to ensure it reflects your current wishes. Addition or deletion of assets as well as family changes such as marriage, divorce, birth, death or adoption should serve as reminders to update you will.

Your executor must present your will for probate in the jurisdiction (county and state) in which you were a resident at the time of your death.

If your estate includes real property located in other jurisdictions, additional probate will be required in those jurisdictions for the purpose of proving title and for protection of local creditors at those locations.


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