QUESTION: My dad has just gotten his disabled person parking license plate, and I will be doing the driving for him most of the time. I know I can park in the designated parking spaces but have heard there are other locations I also may use. Do you know what those locations are?

ANSWER: I reviewed the DMV pamphlet No. 7 titled “Disabled Person Parking Placards and Plates and the California Driver Handbook” and found the following information.

In addition to the parking spaces with the wheelchair symbol, you may park next to a blue curb that is authorized for handicap parking. You also may park next to a green curb — there is no time limit for a person with a disabled person placard or license plate. You may park in an on-street metered parking space at no charge and in an area that indicates it requires a resident or merchant permit to park.

There also are places where you cannot park. These include the spaces marked with a cross-hatched pattern next to a parking space with the wheelchair symbol. These spaces are reserved for wheelchair and wheelchair lift access.

You cannot park next to red curbs, which indicate no stopping, standing or parking. You cannot park next to yellow curbs that are for commercial vehicles to load and unload passengers or freight. You cannot park next to curbs that are for loading and unloading passengers or depositing mail in an adjacent mailbox.

The only person who can use the disabled parking license plate or placard is your dad. So if you are out in his vehicle without him, these permissible parking rules do not apply to you. Abuse of these special parking privileges is punishable by an applicable penalty.

QUESTION: In the past, I have attended some seminars at the Westlake Village Civic Center. Are those seminars still being offered?

ANSWER: Yes. Senior Concerns, in cooperation with the city of Westlake Village, presents monthly seminars at the Westlake Village Civic Center, 31200 E. Oak Crest Drive in Westlake Village.

The series is titled “Senior Issues” and is scheduled from 1:30-3 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month from February through July and September through November.

The first presentation in 2017 is “Pedestrians Have the Right-of-Way … But!” on Feb. 15. The seminar will address the responsibilities pedestrians should take while walking. The responsibilities differ depending on when, where and why they are on foot. We need to make sure we stay safe while we are pedestrians.

Scheduled in March is “How to Avoid Money Scams, Fraud and Identity Theft in 2017,” followed by “Let’s Look at Volunteering in a Different Way” in April and “Where Have Please, Thank You and Your Welcome Gone?” in May.

No reservations are required. For more information, call the Senior Advocate at 495-6250.


Feb. 9, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.: “Will You Pass Your Next Driving Test?” seminar at Agoura Hills Recreation & Event Center, 29900 Ladyface Court in Agoura Hills. For reservations call 818-597-7631.

Feb. 19, 2 p.m.: Music Comes Alive “Surf Tunes — Beach Boys Tribute” playing all the hits of the Beach Boys at Goebel Adult Community Center, 1385 E. Janss Road in Thousand Oaks. Tickets are $5 at the Goebel front desk.

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