We are pleased to announce the recent launch of three new internet sites.  You can now find out more about Senior Concerns and our programs and events by visiting our blog site, Youtube and Face book. Our blog site atwww.seniorconcerns.blogspot.com is a place where anybody can post blogs about issues concerning seniors. A blog is exactly as it sounds. It is written dialogue concerning topics, in our case seniors and senior care. Every two weeks a staff member at Senior Concerns will post a blog. Viewers and followers of our blog page are encouraged to post comments, write a response blog, you can even post a blog of your own!
Senior Concerns is now on Youtube. www.youtube/seniorconcerns.com is an internet host of videos pertaining to our organization. The Youtube site is meant to inform people all over the world about Senior Concerns. Check out the videos we are currently showing on the site.
The third and final internet site that Senior Concerns has developed is the Facebook page. As many of you know Facebook.com is the largest social networking host in the world. Previously Facebook was solely used for simply social networking and it was not a host to non-profits. However, the uses of Facebook have changed. The non-profit world, Senior Concerns included, has jumped on the train. Our Facebook group site is now available to all Facebook members. The page includes all the information that is featured on our website. More so, the facebook page includes photos, videos, blogs and links all concerning Senior Concerns. This page is a faucet of information for Senior Concerns. We encourage you to become a member of Facebook and join the Senior Concerns group. Unfortunately, at this time the page is not public, therefore one must be a member in order to view our page. The Facebook web address is www.facebook.com.

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